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Will CherryAffairs Ship to My Country?

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Will CherryAffairs Ship to My Country?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, you wouldn’t want your shopaholic demons to be restricted by international borders. So the short answer is YES, you may buy products and have them shipped overseas.

Over 80% of all sex toys are manufactured in Asia, so it is particularly to your advantage to buy from us at CherryAffairs out of Singapore. If Singapore is anything, we are best known for being 100% discreet. You are buying directly from the source of area where most sex toys are made.

Straight from the Source of Some of the Best in Sex Toy Manufacturing

There is no waiting because you have to deal with a third party order from a country that doesn't even manufacture the product that will ship to them first and then ship to you. This also adds a lot of cost to your product when you buy from an affiliate marketer in countries such as the U.S., Australia, or Canada.


How Shipping Sex Toys Work

Here's how it goes. All of the excitement of ordering straight from the source is fun and liberating for many nationalities. The excitement of being able to globally ship sex toys to a country that prohibits many types of toys means that we take an entirely different approach.

Your most intimate objects are put into a plainly sealed courier bag to prevent any ways of the erotic accessories being shown to customs or even opened. We list your contents as toys, novelties or general merchandise.

It is also advisable to remove product packaging before shipping them out to minimize any description that may come with the product. If the product in question is discreet and there is no product description available, chances are it’s going to leave custom officers scratching their heads wondering what it is. You just might be able to get away with it even when your parcel is opened for checking!

Overseas Restriction and CherryAffairs Passing through Customs

Take note of the special care that we ship overseas to because of shipping restriction. Some of these countries that need extra special attention include:

• Malaysia
• Indonesia
• Thailand
• Vietnam
• India
• Maldives

• Saudi Arabia
• Certain areas of the U.S. such as Alabama
• Brunei
• United Arab Emirates

In addition to clearing the customs, we have all of the rates listed for different weights, speed to mail, and the typical number of days to mail them. If you don't see your country on this list, just contact us to see about the estimated delivery time and how we can get your most loved products sent to you immediately.