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Top 10 TENGA Products - Eggs, Cups, Suction and Flip Holes

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Top 10 TENGA Products - Eggs, Cups, Suction and Flip Holes


TENGA was established in Japan in 2006 by a former mechanic of the name Mr. Matsumoto. It's fair to say that his efforts to pioneer the masturbation market has been one of the most noteworthy brand products of this century.

The following list are the toys that we find are purchased often, talked about even more, and most importantly devoutly used. You will find that Cherry Affairs has an arsenal of TENGA products, which are considered the future of ultimate masturbation and mutual sex play.

1. Tenga Flip Hole

This is easily one of the most talked about and sold products that Tenga franchise has come out with. Compared to the eggs, it may be more costly, but the lifetime is easily 50x longer than an egg if you go by official TENGA standards of usage.
Tenga flip hole is easier to grip and handle with the soft midsection. Unlike the eggs where the lube can make it too slippery, you can apply liberal amounts of lube and never lose your grip. You can't go wrong with this one.

2. Tenga Onacups

The Tenga Standard Edition Deep Throat Onacup is their biggest seller in Japan of all the Onacups. It is designed for one time disposable use. The interior has a one way valve and an air hole to create a vacuum. You can control the suction by covering or uncovering the hole. Multiple versions of this standard cup exist, too.

3. Tenga Automatic Vacuum Controller Accessory

If you are unable to get the type of suction that you need through a manual Onacup, you can always invest in the Vacuum Controller to accessorize your Onacups. It just wouldn't be fair if we didn't mention that you can take the Oncacup bestseller and maximize it with a vacuum controller right after it.

4. Tenga Egg Wavy

The Tenga Egg Wavy is the tightest in range of all the eggs. The texture is loved by many with a series of different ridges, waves and ribs. This is an intense sensation that is often said to make one come faster than any other egg.

5. Tenga 3D Spiral

This has a simple design with sensation from all sides. The ability to move it and twist it makes it super arousing. Easily, a second favorite to the Flip. 

6. Tenga Easy Beat Egg Lovers

This is a sweet little egg that can be gifted for a lover with its cute hearts and is almost as lovely as the Egg Wavy and totally worth giving a try for the price.

7. Tenga Flip Zero

This is considered the upgrade to the Flip, but some may disagree because there is not the soft middle handle to allow for your manual pressure; however, it is very luxurious and powerful.

8. Tenga Hole Lotion

The Tenga Hole Lotion is just as much a favorite as it is a necessity. It will extend the life of your toys and really does work as the best lube for their toys.

9. Iroha Sakura by TENGA Clit Stimulator

Although many ladies have said that some of the sleeves can be turned inside out and used as manual stimulation, this was designed specifically for the clit with a little indentation that cradles the clit and takes you for a ride.

10. Tenga Air Tech

Technically, this is an upgrade to the Deep Throat Cup, but the Deep Throat still sells the most out of any of the Onacups. It does have a better grip and a more luxurious feel with several choices of intensity.

What is Your Favorite Tenga Product?

We hope this review is helpful, but we want to hear from you. What Tenga product can't you live without?