Same Day Delivery is now available EVERYDAY from Mon-Sun: 3 time slots (1pm-4pm, 5pm-9pm & 7pm-11pm)!


Payment Policy

Payment Process

Our payment process is as simple as any site can get. Only 2 steps before you start looking forward to your sex toy parcel!


If you have PayPal/ VISA /MasterCard, this mode of payment would be the simplest. Make payment and your package will be processed.

Cash On Delivery

For your convenience, we also offer Cash On Delivery for deliveries in Singapore. Pay upon delivery of your order. 

ATM Transfer*
  1. We need a snapshot of the receipt (scanned copies not accepted)
  2. It is important to note that the receipt is extremely essential; hence it is crucial that you only transfer money from ATMs that issues receipts.
  3. Details  that must be sent to this email:
    1. Name of Product
    2. Snapshot of ATM Transfer Receipt
    3. Order Reference Number
Internet Banking*

Following details must be sent to this email:

  1. Your internet banking nickname
  2. Internet Banking Transaction Reference Number
  3. Order number # - - - - (4 digits)

*For our bank account number, please refer to Bank Transfer.


Simply scan our QR Code or enter our Unique Entity Number (UEN) to make payment to us via your respective banking app!

**For more details, please refer to PayNow.

 Please make payment within 48 Hours after placing an order. Any order not paid within 48 Hours will be automatically cancelled. Thank you.

100% Internet Banking Discreetness

Internet Banking Discreetness
We understand your concern over what appears on your internet banking statement, this is why we fight hard for another name to appear there. Instead of “CherryAffairs Sex Toys” you will see “Paypal *CA”, absolutely no one is going to know where and what you buy.

CherryAffairs treats customers’ privacy of utmost importance. For the very fact that our business is built on your private life, we will do everything to preserve that trust. Yes, it is our vow that our customer’s particulars be kept a TOP SECRET as far as we are concerned.