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Popular Sex Toys for Women

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Popular Sex Toys for Women

Whether you're single or in a committed relationship, a sex toy can be the perfect tool to fire up your sex life. It all depends on what kind of product you get and how well it fits your specific needs. Below you will find some of the most popular sex toys, and how women can benefit from them.


This one is a classic for a reason. Vibrators are specifically designed to hit the sweet spot. Many of these toys are custom made for a more personalized experience. A vibrator can be created with both clitoral and G-spot stimulation in mind. Vibrators tend to come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. For instance, the Kissing Swan Rabbit Vibrator has a unique upward curve at its tip, while the ToyJoy Twinturbo Dolphin Rabbit Vibrator is perfectly straight. Some devices come in thick while others come in thin. Whatever type of device you choose to go with, vibrators are a great choice for multi-sensory orgasms.


These penis-shaped toys tend to lack the vibrating component of a vibrator. Many of these devices are designed by hand, made with care in order to provide pleasure. And again, like the vibrators, dildos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of these devices are meant to be handheld, while others are designed to fit seamlessly into a strap-on. Many of Cherry Affair's dildos are designed to closely mimic a real penis; for example, the Pipedream King Cock 8" Squirting Cock with Balls is a dildo that literally squirts to simulate a man's orgasm. Some of these toys are curved and veiny, just like a real penis. You can find the perfect dildo to mimic an actual erection.

Anatomical Massagers

What better way is there to evoke pleasure than through a massage? Massagers are carefully crafted tools that are designed to stimulate your most intimate body parts. Massagers are meant to snuggly fit any anatomical form for maximum pleasure. There are also clitoral massagers, created specifically to bring pleasure to your clitoris.



Pump makers understand the importance of sensitivity. These devices find a woman's most sensitive area - like her nipple or her clitoris - and intensify that area with the pump. The smaller the cup size, the more suction there is to the pump. These toys will push your orgasm into a whole other level of pain and pleasure.

Sex Furniture

As a woman, you don't have to experience sex without support. Sex furniture will enhance your experience by providing comfort, stamina, and mobility. You can go with the Esse Chaise Sex Chair, a long piece of furniture in an attractive maroon color. Or go with a simple pillow like the Sex Wedge.