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What is the best male sex toy?

May 29, 2017

Of course, "best" is highly subjective. If we go by "most popular" - then the most popular male sex toy is the cock ring. Many men also like masturbators, including the infamous "fleshlight." What is actually best depends on your lifestyle, sexuality, and whether you are looking for solo or couples play. Masturbators are generally designed for solo play, although some can be used in ways that increase stamina and make for longer and better erections - something a partner is likely to appreciate. Masturbators come in a variety of designs - most are designed to simulate a vagina, anus, or mouth, with varying degrees of realism. Others tend for a more minimal design. Masturbators that resemble an anus are...

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What's The P Spot?

May 18, 2017

No, not the G spot - that hard to find spot on a woman that will transport her to ecstasy. In fact, the "P spot" refers to the prostate gland - which, when properly stimulated, can have a similar effect on men. Gently massaging the prostate either by inserting fingers or a toy into the anus or by massaging between the testicles and anus can send a guy literally wild.                 It's seldom talked about in sex ed - probably because it's associated strongly with gay sex, a topic not all teachers are willing to go into. But the prostate really is a powerful erogenous zone for men. P spot stimulation alone can...

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