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Surprising Benefits of Masturbation

February 08, 2017

Ever been told masturbation will make you go blind? That particular old wives' tale still circulates widely. Masturbation is also seen as detrimental to normal sexual relationships and possibly as having a negative effect on male fertility. Much of the negative hype, though, is really about sexual prudery, not health. In fact, in most cases, a bit of happy solo time is beneficial to your health - and there is no reason to feel any shame about it. For men, masturbation may help prevent prostate cancer - it cleans out the urogenital tract and prevents the build up of toxins. Of course, having sex has the same effect - but if you don't have a current partner, then masturbation is...

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Choosing The Right Sex Toy

January 27, 2017

Sex toy is a wonderful way to get to know yourself better and have fun in the process, but picking the right one for you tends to be a very personal matter. Everyone has at least a slightly different preference when it comes to those most intimate moments in the bedroom. If you have a significant other, sex toys can even be a way to spice things up and bring you even closer to your partner. Luckily for everyone, there's likely to be a toy to suit your own personal needs. Shopping online does add a level of discretion, and lets you take advantage of everything from customer service support to user reviews. How do you know for sure which sex toy...

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