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Life Changing Invention: Menstrual Cup 101

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Menstrual Cups

Hitting puberty? Searching for cheaper and better options other than the conventional pads and tampons to deal with menstrual bleeding? Here is a good news for you! The menses guru have heard all your wishes and complains! New in the market - Menstrual Cups.

What are Menstrual Cups?

menstrual cup insert

Menstrual cups are flexible cups that are inserted into the vagina and situated next to the cervix, where they will catch period blood before it has a chance to leave your body and potentially ruin not only your undies but your day! These cups are mostly made of 100% silicone that are body safe for insertion, easy to clean, durable and are reusable for up to 10 solid years!

Are Menstrual Cups All The Same?

menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are now available from a number of brands, some of which are only sold in specific companies, and each is slightly different. Most of them are designed very similar to the shape of a cup with the stem at the bottom of the cup for easy removal. Each cup is meticulously designed as an improvement of another. However, buyers should note that their personal anatomy will influence which cup is the best fit. No anatomy is exactly the same, thus, some experimentation is definitely required to find the perfect fit for your body. Furthermore, some menstrual cups recommendations are based on whether a person has ever given birth, a person's age, a person's anatomy - high or low cervix as well as how heavy is the flow. 

How To Insert Menstrual Cup?

menstrual cup fold methods

There are many methods to insert the menstrual cup. For starters, the punch down fold or the c-fold are popular methods to start off with. All in all, try all folds and find one that your body and you are most comfortable with. The idea behind folding the opening of the cup is to introduce a smaller insertion point for easy insertion. It is important to stay relaxed while inserting and adjusting the menstrual cup into place. A good rule of thumb is the "POP" sound that signifies that the cup has opened up and is in place. When firmly in place, a menstrual cup shouldn't leak or dislodge when you wear it. If this happens, it could be that the cup is not in place, or the cup could be the wrong size and shape for your body. 

How Much Fluid Can A Menstrual Cup Hold?

menstrual cup

Each menstrual cup generally holds about one ounce of fluid, which is equivalent to 30 ml or the amount 2 pads or tampons can hold. Menstrual cups commonly comes in two sizes, a smaller one to accommodate to lighter period flow and a slightly larger one to accommodate to heavier period flow.

How To Empty Menstrual Cup?

When the cup is full over after 12 hours, you can break the seal between the cup and your cervix and dump the menstrual blood into the toilet or sink. Make sure to rinse before reinserting the menstrual cupMenstrual cups should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized between monthly cycles by boiling it.

Why Choose Menstrual Cup?

There are a variety of reasons why ladies choose to use menstrual cups. Because they are reusable, menstrual cups can save you a whole lot of money in the long run as compared to purchasing disposable menstruation products like the conventional pads or tampons periodically. Furthermore, menstrual cups will also be a good option for people who wish to go green because there is less wastage. Why not consider a menstrual cup if you'd like to save the earth and some money? Finally, many menstrual cups can be worn for up to 12 hours before being emptied, which is very convenient as compared to the usual 4 to 8 hours of changing pad or tampon. 

Menstrual Cup x CherryAffairs

Start here, start now! For starters, CherryAffairs carries menstrual cups from popular quality brands such as Fun Factory from Germany and Jimmy Jane from the United States.

Fun Factory - Fun Cup Menstrual Cup Size A & B Kit (Pink/Ultramarine)

For beginners, the Fun Cup comes in Size A & B from Fun Factory. Designed to curve with your body and with two sizes, you get to explore which menstrual cup suits your body best at the price of one. Not only that, it comes in funky bold colors and a cute antimicrobial bag to keep the cups.

JimmyJane - Intimate Care Menstrual Cups ClearJimmyJane - Intimate Care Menstrual Cups (Purple)

With a more common design, you can also get the Intimate Care Menstrual Cups from Jimmy Jane in full purple or clear. Available in two sizes for your exploration. 

menstrual cup

Say goodbye to your tampons and pads! Feel period-less and care-free of leaks today! Insert your first menstrual cup and never look back!