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Bijoux Indiscrets - Anna Eyemask

Color: Black

Add mystique and whimsy to a romantic evening with Bijoux Indiscreets Anna Eyemasks. You will appear sweet and innocent, but when he least expects it, he will find himself lured into a realm of seduction. What is your mood? Who do you want to be this evening? The set includes 6 different masks, designed to correspond with 6 different personas. Small, re-usable stickers are included; use these to affix the mask to your face. The adhesive stickers will not adhere to your skin when the mask is removed. Dance all night, role play; the masks will add an ambience of mystery to your experience.

- 6 masks. 6 exclusive designs by Bijoux Indiscrets. 6 personalities.
- Easy to wear! Use the little stickers to apply the mask directly to your face.
- Reusable! The stickers are reusable. And there are some new ones inside.
- Skin Friendly! The adhesive of the stickers will not damage your skin.
- The stickers are flexible, which allows you to change their position so they adjust perfectly to your face.
- There are no ties! Put your mask directly on your face, without messing up your hair.
- Customizable! The material they are made of lets you cut the mask to your liking to achieve the perfect finish for your look.
- Up or down? Both ways! You decide on the position of the mask.
- They don't obscure your vision.
- 100% flexible and durable!
- Role-playing games! The masks add a sensual and mysterious touch to your encounters, choose who you want to be tonight.
- Dance all you want with your mask, its comfortable position allows you total freedom of movement.
- The perfect accessory for formal dress parties: a sensual touch for your look.
- We recommend placing the mask on skin that is clean and free of cosmetics.

Measurement: 23.5cm x 0.4cm x 16cm


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