At some point many will become afflicted with dry private parts, making sexual encounters unpleasant. They wish for a lubricant that is so effective that sex becomes better than it was before. Meet Swedish company, Viamax. Founded back in 2001 by a man named Robert Algstedt, he offers some products that are the answers to the age-long prayers. Keep reading!

For the ladies there is a bevy of product known as the Viamax Range for Women. They include sensuous gels and creams in an array of sizes. These offerings give the snatch a smooth, silky feeling as well as a heavenly scent that will drive their partner wild. Love-making never felt so good.

Guys, do not feel left out, Viamax has thought of you too. Not only are there gels that elicit the same response for you, but Viamax has products with a different approach.