Massage Candle

Not only is massage healing, it's a fabulous part of erotic foreplay. Women love to be touched and any strong man with strong hands can relieve all that pent-up stress, making her as loose and ready as you want. Be warned though — don't make it quick, make sex massage sessions last. She'll be putty in your hands the longer you can give full attention to every area of her body. We know this takes patience, but you can do it!

First, set the mood with some light music and several candles from our Massage Candle Collection from us in Singapore, many of which are based on the adult writings of the infamous Kama Sutra. Our candles smell divine: sandlewood, strawberry wine, and Vanilla Fetish, for example. Oil her up, whisper in her ear everything you are going to do to her. Tell her how beautiful she is, worship her body, kiss her neck, massage her ass, get deep into her muscles before you slide deep into her.

Let her climb on top of your back and rub you down with her well-oiled body until you can't take it anymore and have to flip her over onto her back, shoving yourself inside and taking her like a man should take a woman. She'll love every second of it and greet you with her warm, wet pussy.