If you’re looking for fun and affordable bedroom furniture to spice up your love life and get the most out of your sex toys, or maybe give them a break for the night – we have everything you need.

Maybe you’re a hipster in the market for an exotic looking new chair. Or maybe you just need that perfectly sized, perfectly shaped pillow, wedge, or cushion to position yourself to hit the sweet spot every time.

Check out our line of liberator products, guaranteed to breathe new life into your intimate activities. Like the Esse Sex Furniture piece, for example. It looks modern and will not be out of place in any room in your home. But what’s not so obvious is its ability to help you give the most to your partner with ease. Or consider the Esse Chaise Black Velvish Sex Furniture with its sleek lines and inspiring ergonomics- just waiting to accentuate your best moves. There’s everything from full-sized furniture to lush positioning pillows to toys, accessories, and more.

We also offer a range of smaller sex furniture pieces like the Bobbon Mount Toy, the Top Dog Sex piece, or the Wanda Sex furniture piece.

Do you see the bedroom as an adventure waiting to happen? Whether you are spending time alone or with a partner in your bedroom, you should have the right gear for the ultimate adventure. Liberate yourself with Liberator, an Atlanta based company that has been in the business of creating bedroom adventure gear for more than 12 years. Do not settle for the average night in bed. Transform your bedroom into a place with endless opportunities. The products offered by Liberator create supportive landscapes in bedrooms to allow for more exploration and satisfying adventures with partners. Liberator can bring more angles, curves, motion, and elevations to any bedroom and give you a more satisfying experience.