The rabbit style vibrator became one of the most famous sex toys thanks to the show Sex in the City. This style of vibrator is designed to target two different areas at once. It has a larger section that can be inserted vaginally or anally, while a smaller part tickles your clit or delicate anal skin, enhancing your sensations and pleasure while playing with the toy. Here at Lamourose, we offer different styles of vibrators, including the famous rabbit style vibrator and the Rosa prostate vibrator.

We know that many people want to maximize their pleasure while having sexual encounters, either by themselves or when playing with a partner. After all, sex should leave both partners feeling satisfied. Unfortunately, some people cannot climax with their partner or their partner cannot last as long as they need them to to climax. Whether the partner cannot reach where they need to or they simply cannot find the right spot, our toys can help to ensure that you receive as much pleasure during the sexual encounter as your partner does.

Not everyone enjoys going into a shop and buying sex toys in person. This is why we offer an online shopping experience in Singapore. You can browse around at your convenience and find the adult novelties that really speak to you. You can then place an order and have the products shipped discreetly to your home, where you can then start playing and experiencing the ultimate in sexual pleasure.

In the world of intimate play, L’amourose gives you nothing but the best and strives to enhance every encounter you experience. Alone or with a partner, these products are specifically designed to meet every last desire emotionally and sensually. With L’amourose, you will learn new things about your fantasies and empower the bond you share with the partners you experience them with. The designers here create beautiful pieces that are specifically made with your pleasure in mind. Every piece will fit your body in ways that draw out your deepest desires and take you to new sexual levels. They will take you to these new heights through high quality craftsmanship and innovation in every piece they carefully hand assemble. L’amourose will make you beg for more.