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Tampax - Plastic Pearl Super Plus Unscented 18s

Enjoy extra comfort and protection with Tampax - Plastic Pearl Super Plus Unscented 18s. Offering a unique CleanGuard layer,
LeakGuard braid, and FormFit protection, these tampons gently conform to your inner shape and keep you dry. The plastic applicator has a rounded tip and anti-slip grip for easy use and each tampon is individually wrapped for easy and discreet carrying in your purse or pocket while on the go.

The CleanGuard layer surrounds the tampon core for an extra layer of protection. LeakGuard Braid helps catch leaks and sends them back to the core. FormFit protection gently conforms to your unique shape. Smooth, rounded tip for comfortable insertion. Discreet, purse-resistant wrapper with easy-to-open tabs. Plastic applicator with Anti-Slip grip.


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