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Monkey Spanker

Monkey Spanker - Duo Masturbator

Introducing the Monkey Spanker Duo: the ultimate couples sex tool and the most innovative sex toy ever.
Being slim, light, tight but gentle pad, versatile and multi-speed vibrator, there is no intimate sex moment or position that this beast cannot enhance. It adds vibration to your intimate moments, act as a cock ring, enhance your masturbation moments with vibration or to act as a nipple teaser. Monkey Spanker Duo can turn your man's member into a vibrator or even to use it as a spanking tool. Versatilely is what this toy can give you. Biggest bang for your buck. It not only does its job, it does it well. Own it and feel it to believe.  
Hesitate no more. The longer you wait the more fun you will miss out on.  
- Monkey Spanker Duo
- Detachable powerful multi speed vibrator with batteries
- Sample waterbased lubricant (Clear Lube 10 ml)
7 toys in 1:
1. Vibrator for men
2. Vibrator for girls
3. Vibrating blow job
4. Vibrating cock ring
5. Clit tickler
6. Vibrating sex
7. Vibrating nipple teaser

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