Dreamgirl - 4-Piece Extra-Curricular Cutie Costume One Size

For those who dream of being a schoolgirl again. This costume has a halter crop top with collar and a plaid mini skirt for those peekaboo moments. With the ruler paddle, your schoolgirl fantasy gets even naughtier. Maybe you forgot to clean the chalkboard and now you need to be taught your lesson. Adult play time just got interesting.

Stretch mesh halter crop top with attached collar and tie detail with velcro neck closure, and matching plaid mini skirt with button and slit details. Includes ruler paddle with "Enjoy Every Inch" screen print.

From Dreamgirl. Green Plaid, One Size. Size: 2-14. Cup: B/C. BStretch Mesh Halter Crop Top with Ruleust: 32"-38". Waist: 24"-32". Hip: 34"-40". Inseam: 35". Rise: 7.5"-8". Weight: 90-160lbs.


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