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Anna Mu

Anna Mu - Babydoll & Sleep Wear Mature Charm NA13020037 (Black)

Maturity in the bedroom doesn't have to be a bad thing: with maturity comes experience and improved skills. Show your mature side to your lover with this alluring and provacative piece of lingerie. Each comes with a matching thong that will fit your perfect butt beautifully. Make sure to specific the size you want and use the adjustable shoulder straps to let it fall to the floor when your lover is ready to take you in their arms for the night.

Contents: 2 pieces
Under Burst: 32"-36"
Waist: 23"-29"
Hip: 32"-36"
Size: Free size
Adjustable shoulder straps
Material: 100% Polyster
Dress length*: 75cm
With matching thong
* Lay-Flat Measurement

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