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What are the most popular sex toys for couples?

  • 2 min read

The best selling sex toy is, of course, the vibrator - in all of its multifarious forms.

Most people think, though, that vibrators are for solitaire - but that is not true. In fact, vibrators are amongst the most popular sex toys for couples play - with cock rings a close second.

Cock rings enhance both partner's experience by increasing the size of the penis and helping obtain a longer erection. They can be a "life saver" for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Their popularity comes from the fact that many men are not able to sustain activity long enough to allow their partner to achieve a proper orgasm. Some cock rings also add features such as ticklers or mini vibrators designed to stimulate a female partner's clitoris. Cock rings are designed entirely for use by couples and are the most popular sex toy amongst men.

What about those vibrators, though? The truth is that many modern vibrators are ideal for couples play, and some are specifically designed for it. Remote controls mean you can, well, turn your partner on, even from a slight distance. This surrendering of control is enjoyable to many - and may be an element of bondage play. Regular vibrators can be used in the same way, although it's definitely easier with a remote control. And, of course, you can get even more fun out of vibrators if both partners come equipped with a clitoris - lesbian couples often enjoy playing with a pair of them, or attaching a bullet vibrator to a strap on. Check reviews when choosing vibrators for couples use - some work a lot better than others. But the truth is, 81% of women who use a vibrator have, at least once, used it with a partner. This is also true for 91% of men - probably because most men don't think to use a vibrator solo.

Or, get creative. Mini vibrators are fantastic for, shall we say, varied use. They can be used on (but not in) the anus, or use them to stroke your partner's shaft or balls, perhaps combined with oral. Larger size vibrators, of course, can also be used for their non-sexual use - body massage - which can definitely help get people in the mood. Vibrators can also be used on the nipples (male or female), inside of the thighs. Some women also get very turned on by simply being watched by their partner while they use one.

So - the two most popular sex toys are cock rings and, of course, the old faithful - the vibrator.