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ZINI - Janus Lamp Prostate Massager Medium

The ZINI Janus Lamp Prostate Massager Medium is a silicone anal massager that massages the prostate in a manner that heights pleasure. The design is specifically crafted to stimulate using different textures. The medium is ideal for those who've used anal massagers in the past and want to take it one step further. The perineum tap provides additional pressure for longer play. Whether having fun with a partner or amping up a solo session, the Janus Lamp will give you the ideal level of pressure and pleasure.

Why Janes?
Created from Joyful Anus. Gentle silicone and sturdy inner frame show the two different faces of Janus. Janus represents strong masculine power, for men.

Materials: body safe silicone, PC ABS
Finish: velvet, glossy
Color: black
Size: 105mm(W)x30mm(D)x130mm(L)
- Insertion length: 105mm
- Maximum diameter: 105mm
Weigth: 28g
- Contour of the shape transmits subtle pleasant feelings through the insertion.
- Ribbed surface makes the intermediate feel fulness of insertion.

Product brief
Point 1. Soft stimulation of high quality silicone
Point 2. A well-formed contour for bigger pleasure
Point 3. Spherical tap for painless and long time play
Point 4. Strong inner frame for energy transmission
Point 5. The magical angle of 72.5 degree for maximum pleasure
Point 6. Low center of gravity design
Point 7. Grip for easy pulling out

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