ZINI - Janus Joynus Prostate Massager Large

Coined by two words, joyful and anus, Janus is perfect for novice users who are looking for a gentle and mild experience for their anuses. The gentle silicone combined with a sturdy inner frame make it a perfect combination to give you the joy that you need!
Why Janus?
Coined by two words, joyful and anus.
Gentle silicone and sturdy inner frame show the two different faces of Janus. Janus represents strong masculine power for men.

Materials: body safe silicone, ABS
Color: black
Size: 52mm(W)x52mm(D)x126mm(L)
- Insertion length: 96mm
- Maximum diameter: 33mm
Weigth: 79g
- The slim-shaped design is suitable for the novice.
- Curves and shapes are appropriate for the novice.

Product brief
Point 1. Soft stimulation from the high quality silicone
Point 2. A well-formed contour for bigger pleasure
Point 3. Powerful and quite high performance motor
Point 4. Sturdy inner frame for transmission
Point 5. Dedicate stimulation by the serial wrinkles
Point 6. A well-formed contour for bigger pleasure

- ZINI Jonus (10 pulsation modes)
- USB charger
- Storage sachet
- User manual

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