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Brand: Uberlube

Uberlube - Silicone Lubricant Bottle 100ml (Clear)

Color: Clear

When it comes to having the best orgasms possible, one must feel relaxed, pleasured, and excited during sex. The Uberlube - Silcone Lubricant is a clear lubricant that comes in a 100ml bottle. Feel the best penetration while having sex with your partner and let your body experience pleasure like never before. This lubricant is also used for multiple purposes outside of sex including hair styling and sports (high performance chafe protection).


Customer Reviews

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Mr. Z
Good deal

This product is premium lube , which now having a good promotion! Good tine to buy

Ismit Ismail

Little dry but exceptional smoothness. Good for full body massage.

Smooth operator
Slippery but smooth

So, this was my first time using lube, and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be goopy and slimy, but it's surprisingly, for lack of a better word, "clean". So it comes out as a clear paste which you spread over whatever it is you want to lube up, and it just coats it in this happy sheen of subtle slipperiness. A part of me went, is that it? But yes, it really does make things smoother, and honestly, it's practically unnoticeable, except now you can do all the slipping and sliding you want.

Bought it on discount, so pretty affordable (given that 50ml, or half the amount, usually went for the same price). I suspect this is gonna last me a while, but would be happy to be proven wrong on that count.

No pictures because honestly, it looks exactly like what's shown here, lube in a glass bottle.

Definitely one of the better lube!

Throw away those lube you buy from convenience stores. This lube is sure to make everything smooth and nice!


excellent lube for everything


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