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Spider - Realism Masturbator (Intense Black)

Explore the boundless exciting positions that you can get this realistic hands free masturbator. How much more realistic can masturbation be? Stick the suction plate onto the wall or the floor and at different angles to achieve different sensations.  
The list of possible positions go from Teaspoons, Prison, Wheelbarrow, Screw, Doggy, Turtle, Dancer, Arch, Pump, Spoons, Missionary, Brute and many many more.
Put it in hot water before use for even more realistic usage. Spider Masturbator is made of non-toxic and eco-friendly material, safe for use by everyone.  
After use, wash the inner part under running water, drain and dry well after wash, then store it back into the case.
Materials: Polypropylene, Elastomer
Size: 282 (L) x 89 (W) x 89 (H) mm
Weight: 736 g
Color outer cover: Intense Black
Color elastomer: Pink
Spider Realism: natural and basic stimulation structure with helical shape
- The realization of exciting positions
- Ride & Attached system
- Non-toxic material
- Ergonomic internal structure

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