Brand: Nomi Tang

Nomi Tang - Prolong Men Delay Spray 30ml

Size: 30ml
Every woman would want their man to last longer in bed to give her longer pleasure. Be fair to her, give her a lasting pleasure and she will return you favour you never would have imagined.  
Designed by the German sex toys manufacturer Nomi Tang, this prolong spray will give you safe and effective results to achieve a higher tolerance and extend your thrust limits. Have a long sex now.  Nomi Tang “ Prolong has been dermatologically tested for skin and mucous membrane tolerance.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Works as described

3 sprays, rub it in, and wait for 10-15 mins. Delays ejaculation well. Good product.

Naomi Tang or Normal Tang

Totally waste of money! It’s like putting soap on the tool. Oh yeah and plus abit of mint. Tried twice, got smell, give a mild mint feeling, wash away for session and my tool went back to normal. Definitely not Nomi Tang. It’s Normal tang. Wasted my money.

Excellent Buy

Fantastic for me! Used in combination with a masturbation cup. Did 3 test with it, one without the spray. The one without spray was my normal performance, the one with the spray (both times) escalated my performance by kiaokenX10. Hip actions are much longer and consistent without climaxing anytime soon, works well in diff positions, non smelling and disappears after a few rubs. Minty feeling at first, that’s when you know the effects are not ready. Should feel warm and numb-ish when it takes effect. Peak timing is 20mins after spray. Good stuff!

Willie Tan
Best of the best

Hi I would like to shared some tips of my experience with the Nomi Tang-Prolong delay spray. Base on my experience best is spray it on and leave it on up to an hour before your session start. So far this is the best product I ever tried.

Doesn't work

It's got a minty feeling when sprayed on.. I tried spraying so much but the only thing it does is give u a minty fresh feeling dick. Doesn't desensitise


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