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Monkey Spanker

Monkey Spanker - Vibro Masturbator (White)

Monkey Spanker Vibro White is one of the few toys built for man. It is fun to use one. Use it to to produce an intense and unbelievably satisfying orgasm in no time. The high quality ribbed rubber sheath in the center can stretch and cater to most sizes. Stroke up and down, allowing the graduated rib to stimulate your penis. For a more intense orgasm, add on the vibrating bullet that comes with the set.
The soft pad that stretches around your penis will give you the most rewarding stimulation. Play around with strokes of different speed and roughness for a different experience. Whatever your mood and speed variation is, Monkey Spanker will reward you with a powerful shuddering orgasm.  
Try for yourself, you deserve to be rewarded with this earth shattering orgasmic stimulation.
- Monkey Spanker Vibro
- Detachable vibration unit
3 toys in 1:
1. Vibrator for men
2. Vibrating blow job
3. Vibrating sex

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