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Brand: Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes - Kupa Trip Deep Squeeze Hell Onahole (Pink)

Color: White
The Magic Eyes - Kupa Trip Deep Squeeze Hell Onahole (Pink) is an excellent tool to use by yourself, or perhaps with a partner? This product is easy to use and comes with lube, and this product is very resistant to leaks. An effortless night of fun! Double the 3mm deep groove is made with safe and secure Magiceyes Skin.

■ Body size (mm)
67 x 67 x 150 mm

■ Body weight (g), content (ml)

■ Accessories For
lotion and storage clear case

Customer Reviews

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A Decent Trip in Hell

*Bought at $42.52 SGD w/ 60% off clearence sale ($42.52-$25.51=$17.01)*

1 of the 3 onaholes from Magic Eyes's Kupa Trip series.

Decent sensations due to the simple patterns in the inner walls. The squeeze on the glans isn't that much even at the tighest section at the end as the onahole isn't that firm (5/10 firmness; 10 being most firm). The opening is small and was a bit hard to insert my 11 cm member in (never measured girth but i'd say it's short). If your member has a long girth, it might be hard to insert but you'll definitely get more of a squeeze. Due to the simple inner wall construction, it's also easy to clean and dry, so it's a double-edged sword. Aesthetically looks pretty cool with the translucent pink flesh; each ripple can be clearly seen when looking from outside through the opening. On the outside, there's a mechanical theme, and looks like savoury edible jelly. The shape is "wavy" and it's somewhat big so it's slightly hard to hold but also stands out from the conventional standard size onahole design. Still retains the quality Magic Eyes is known for, so I'm glad to see that.

The box packaging is well designed, having a glossy plastic coating with a contrasting light-dark color theme. On the inside, onahole comes in an unsealed plastic bag with hard plastic packaging around it. Would be nice for a double-sealed product like most onaholes, but the onahole shape is protected at least.

Like most Magic Eyes products, it has a strong plastic smell, and this one in particular is very strong. Goes away with time, though. Doesn't affect me personally as I don't actively sniff it. Too firm or thick to even think about turning it inside-out for cleaning, and since it's easy to clean and dry in the first place, it's not necessary.

I don't recommend this as a starter onahole but it's something easy to use that can be added to your collection. Don't get this full price though - get it with a discount or credits. You can get much better sensations at this price range.


+Easy to clean and dry
+Well designed packaging; hard plastic to protect onahole shape
+Aesthetically pleasing to look at
+Magic Eyes quality

-Decent sensations, not much of a squeeze
-Strong initial plastic smell
-Not double sealed
-Slightly hard to hold due to the big wavy shape
-Not worth paying full price

~Mechanical design/theme may or may not be appealing to you


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