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Brand: Leten

Leten - Frenzy Whirlpool Piston Automatic Telescopic Rotation Masturbator (Blue)

Color: Blue

For those that want something truly special and super fun, the Leten Frenzy Whirlpool Piston Automatic Telescopic Rotation Masturbator is a great option. This is a tool that is going to rock your world and help elevate your pleasure to heights that you have only imagined. This is a toy that is going to be automatic so you can start it and then lean back and enjoy it. thrusting+rotating+sex moanning+5speed 5 frequency

1. High-speed piston automatic telescopic + rotation 550 times / minute. Telescopic 200 times / min, 40mm telescopic distance, rotation 350 times / min

2.Positive and negative 2 kinds of rotary telescopic mode, 5 kinds of speed + 5 kinds of frequencies, composed of 20 kinds of stimulation methods.

3. Intelligent voice, with 6 kinds of built-in vocalizations, making different sounds just like you making love with her on the spot, which is very real and exciting (the sound can be played externally or connected with earphones).

4.Tongue licking channel, water tender transparent TPE material skin-friendly good elasticity, inside the channel dozens of tongue rotating lick, the bottom eight granulation stimulation horse eyes

5.One button burst, USB magnetic charging


Total Length: 27.5cm
Insertable Length: 26cm
Width: 10cm
Material: TPE
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Blue
Battery: USB magnetic charging
Max Charging Time: -
Max Usage Time: -
Vibration Modes: 20 kinds of stimulation



Customer Reviews

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was the first automatic masturbator i bought and was quite disappointed at how easily it jams even with so much lube. more recommended for people with below average penis size


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