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Brand: Kokos

Kokos - Erica Mini Doll Meiki (Beige)

Color: Beige

As far as sex dolls go, this one has been described as a masterpiece among small silicone masturbators. Made with extreme care and attention to detail, this sex doll features the internal vaginal structures of a real woman. The doll will need to be cleaned with detergent and dried with a towel after usage. The doll should be stored in temperatures below 25 degrees and kept away from fat-based lubricants.

KOKOS company All products require specific care:

- Always use water-based lubricants!

- you can use a condom in order to facilitate cleaning of the product after use

- after using the product, rinse with water, dry it and be sure to sprinkle talcum powder!

- during storage avoid contact with other sex toys to stuff "living skin" long delight you with its delicate texture.

Total Length: 28.5cm
Insertable Length: -
Width: 19cm
Material: Phthalate-free, latex-free, non-porous silicone and ABS plastic
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Beige
Battery: -
Max Charging Time: -
Max Usage Time: -
Vibration Modes: -

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Choong
Quite interesting.

The exterior texture of the material feels quite good (touch of skin), a light dusting of power were on it when unpacked (to prevent sticking - understandable) has a air hole on back of product to help washing and drying of of material, might need a package of cleaner and powder to prevent sticking, after washing with water product seems to need a dusting of powder after every use,(might be a hustle if you're in a hurry) as for interior, the initial sensation of fingerprobe feels nice to the touch, actual use (I'll leave out the details) feels great to be able to handle the product well but might need to use more strength to hold it in place, it's better to use product while it's on a flat surface...

Overall a good product but might need to include a combo pack which offers lube, cleaner solution, anti stick powder( for after washing servicing) and also mineral oil for extending product shelf life.


Amazing detail, softness
, and feeling inside her. the texture inside makes it very pleasant when using it. I would give 5 stars, but the material is already tearing in multiple places in the inside of the vagina after the first use. I mean it doesn't surprise me since it was designed to feel as good as possible and would require more expensive quality for tearing resistant.

Yus Sya

Its small..but just to let go of it its the hole was big for my 9" banana


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