Brand: Fleshlight

Fleshlight - Quickshot Riley Reid Compact Stroker Masturbator (Utopia)

Color: Clear

Feel the pleasure with Fleshlight's Quickshot Riley Reid Compact Stroker (Utopia). Modeled after the one and only Riley Reid, the Utopia showcases unobstructed exit points molded from Riley Reid's own magnificent vagina and butt. Behold the goddess! This sexual aid can be enjoyed for self-pleasure and to increase sexual stamina and performance. Employ this two-hole toy with a lover to elevate oral sex into orgasmic delight. The Utopia is as beautiful to behold as it is orgasmic to use.


Total Length: 10.7cm
Insertable Length: 8.89cm
Width: Canal Diameter: 1.27cm
Width: 6.9cm to8.25(outside diameter)
Material: SuperSkin,hypoallergenic
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Clear
Battery: -
Max Charging Time: -
Max Usage Time: -
Vibration Modes: -

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Good for couples

Good for couple play haha however can be abit loud at times

Not too bad

Still discovering and found that when using, to simulate a BJ, use thumb cover the a*hole and it will give a nice suction on the mushroom. Generally still abit loose but cleaning up is a definite breeze.

Very weak but great portability

Was expecting to feel great as I own the normal Riley Reid fleshlight but was disappointed with the feel unless you take it out of the plastic piece and use your hands. But due to small size can bring it anywhere you want.

good for sensitive heads

With onaholes, I get sensitive during orgasm that it hurts to move. Quickshot allows me to stimulate the shaft during my orgasm. However this product is mild in terms of texture.

Cufy fall
Easy to clean and store but one of the weakest

The quickshot RR ranks quite low on the pleasure scale unless you remove the center plastic piece and grip it with your bare hands instead of holding the center plastic piece.

It does make quite a bit of sound when using it. The only few advantages that I can say is the small size allows easy storage and portability especially if you want to bring it when travelling. The other advantage is how easy it is to clean and dry.


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