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DNA - Real Body 3D Bone System Doll (Beige)

DNA brings the cute lolibody of a slim developed lady who wants to please. She is durable and safe for your fun adventures. Her body reminds you of the soft skin you love to touch. She enjoys staying in many positions for you, with both a tight vagina and anus that will give you either rough or gentle pleasure. The beige Real Body 3D Bone System Doll weighs approximately 7 kg.

Internal skeleton parts firmly support the soft body.
Please enjoy playing in all positions absolutely.
[Design Registration No. 1557106]

[Internal structure]
Vagina squeezes up to the last drop when getting caught in a tight fit!
Anal has realistic insertion feeling with undulating fold structure!

- Body size: 470 mm in total length × 320 mm in total width
- Body weight: Approx. 7 kg
- Package size: H555 × W405 × D250 mm

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