Clone A Willy - The Original DIY Homemade Dildo Clone Molding Kit

Color: Beige
The Original Clone-A-Willy is a penis clone tool. Its medically tested molding gel process captures incredibly life-like details and it makes the most personalized vibrating sex toy you will ever own. Use Clone a Willy to add sparks to your long-distance relationship or replicate your lover's penis to double the pleasure and fun. You will get his cock anytime, anywhere and anyhow you want it. However fast, however long, you decide. Great as a romantic gift for birthdays, holidays, showers, anniversaries, and more!  All Materials & Packaging Made in USA.

Each Clone-A-Willy kit comes with:

  • Body-safe, diy homemade dildo
    clone kit
    light skin tone-colored silicone
  • Algae-based molding powder
  • Molding tube (2.5 inches wide, 11 inches tall)
  • Single-speed vibrator
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
1. Mix water with specially timed molding power.
2. Insert your willy into the molding tube until it solidifies.
3. Pour the rubber into the mold.
4. Wait 24 hours and remove your new replica.

The molding process can be tricky! Please watch the demo video to find out more =)

Available in colours:
Light Skin Tone
Medium Skin Tone
Neon Purple
Glow in the Dark Green

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Waste of $$ and time. Spoilt ingredients

Ordered it and it said 1-3days delivery so i ordered and after 3 days i emailed to ask if it was going to be sent and they replied saying the next day.
After that i received an email from ninjavan saying it will take 1-3days from here. I asked CA for an explanation but it was of no help.

When it finally arrived, i followed the instructions and within 45secs, the mixture dried and everything went to waste. There’s a thermometer inside to measure the water temp and i set my phone timer to 45secs too but it just dried. An expired/spoilt one must’ve been sent to me.

Wont recommend this at all. Threw away everything. Not worth the $$ and time

The idea is exciting but..

quality of the silicon and mould was just terrible. It had a heavy, striking smell of rubber. The vibrator was a cheap plastic vibrator. I don't know if it's because we were sent an old product or this is simply the quality, but it was definitely NOT worth the money.
End result: my girlfriend didn't even dare to lick it (much less use it), because of the strong smell of chemicals. We tossed it out.

Novel gift but hard to actually clone a *****

My bf was gonna go away for two months, and I thought it would be a cool idea to clone his *****, you know, for when I get bored. I read the instructions ten times, and watched all the instructional videos out there another ten times. Practiced a few times to get the hang of the movement. But it just wasn't successful because a) gravity b) Murphy's Law. Making the thing was fun, but terrible unsexy. My bf's burst a capillary in his ****, and we had to toss out the entire thing because a) it looked nothing like his **** despite a burst capillary that looks like a nipple and b) it was too pointy to ********** with. Would recommend as gag gift tho.

Bad clone

The mound mix hardened even before it was poured out. Could not proceed. Wasted the whole pack.


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