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California Exotics

California Exotics - Inspire Vibrating Curve Massager (Pink)

Have you ever had an issue with a vibrator just not feeling quite comfortable? Most stand straight up without much wiggle room. The Inspire Vibrating Curve Massager takes care of that issue. It is curved to fit your body in a way that feels natural and satisfying. You can bend it in different directions and choose one of ten speeds available to you. It is made from silicone and is a rechargeable device so batteries are not a concern. You can play alone or with a partner. It is so easy to charge, that you can do it using a USB port and even charge in your car if you want. Take control of your sexual pleasure and order the Inspire Vibrating Curve Massager today.

USB Capable- Max Charging Time 150 min, Max Run Time 180 min.

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