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Brand: Boost

Boost - Otome Hime Perfect Body Double Hole Masturbator Onahole (Beige)

Color: Beige

You get it both ways with this masturbator. Any woman who has ever engaged in a bit of singular pleasure knows that the vagina and butt hole are not the same. One has various folds (the vagina) while the other is more of a spiral creation (the butt hole). You can satisfy both body parts with this masturbator designed to meet the needs of both the backside and front. Try the normal position or engage in a bit of pleasure while sitting up. This masturbator lets you do it all!

Material: 100% medical-grade silicone

Customer Reviews

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Sir LonelyWizard
The hidden, scarred princess.

As a wizard that have been using JP onaholes for close to 15years. This is the first time I have purchased something from the makers BOOST (aka BoosToy).

My first experience with them is... Mixed. In fact, I was unsure how I should even review it.

This is the first time in my life I have seen a silicone toy that have soooo much air bubbles trapped in it's production... The beautifully shaped body was scarred with holes that turned me off... Just looking at it felt like I was about to make love with a diseased person.

To be honest, it was so bad that I was able to actually swap out for another unit (Many thanks to CA for their excellent cust.serv for this!! Tyvm).

Luckily, the replacement unit was better. Maybe I was just really unlucky and gotten one that somehow escaped through QA.
Replacement still has bubbleholes, mostly around the thighs and back (just like the first one)... But it is considerably much better...

Perhaps this is the standard manufacturing quality for boost/boostoy? Unsure, but the company surely didn't make a good first impression on me.


If you can get past their visual flaws...
It turns out that this 'ass princess' can actually give you some good fun loving...

I'm also a proud new owner of 'EXE - Puni Ana SPDX' (which is considered to be one of the best torso onaholes by the community worldwide. Go Google it.)

And in comparison, surprisingly the Hime feels more pleasurable in both holes for me! Shocking! I know...

The Hime is a hidden gem for those who are searching for a quality onahole that's also not a huge strain on the wallet...

The size is also great for it's price range... Sculpting is beautiful even upon use. The upper torso tends to wriggle without a support... But that can be good too.
(Sometimes I feel like one of those huge ravaging monsters in those Taimanin Asagi games. Heehee.)

It's only drawback which will deter many potential customers, is the air bubble problem... Which I'm still not sure if such quality is normal or abnormal.

For those who don't put too much stock visually (unlike me), Hime should be a solid choice with what she can offer with her price range.

For others, well.....
You guys have been warned.


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