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Big Teaze Toys

Big Teaze Toys - VerSpanken H2O Masturbator 5-Piece Kit (Black)

The VerSpanken Foam Masturbator is as close to the real thing as you can get while enjoying the solitude and comfort of your own bed! You control the pressure, texture, and temperature of your intimate experience, and with six different inserts to choose from, the new sensations you can create are limitless! The ergonomic design of VerSpanken allows for a variety of stroking techniques - garaunteed to get you off!

The VerSpanken H2O 5-piece kit (Black/Black) includes:
- 1 piece Snap Fit housing
- 2 pieces liquid-filled Bumpy textured inserts
- 2 pieces liquid-filled Smooth inserts.

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