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Beppy - Soft Comfort Tampons Without String 8 Pieces (Dry)

These are not your average tampons! They are made without a string which allows for more flexibility throughout the day. You can use them for up to 8 hours just like a regular tampon but because this is a luxury tampon, it will not cause irritation on lighter days of your cycle. This dry tampon option from Beppy is perfect for someone who is experienced in wearing tampons. It is also a great and comfortable fit because it is shaped to fit the female anatomy.

Choice of two versions, DRY and WET Differences between the two versions: WET tampon contains a lacta gel (easy to insert) WET tampon has a handy removal loop (easy to remove) DRY tampon perfectly shaped to the anatomy of the female body DRY tampon is suitable for the experienced user

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