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Beppy - Soft Comfort Tampons Without String 30 Pieces (Wet)

Through the cramps and bloating, every woman wants comfort in their tampons. You can enjoy the beach on a bright day with stringless Beppy - Beppy Comfort Tampons Wet 30 Pieces. They come wet with lactagel, and the shape makes it easy to insert without clawing at your inner walls. With up to eight hours of use, there is no five-day wait for a bikini day.

Choice of two versions, DRY and WET
Differences between the two versions:
WET tampon contains a lacta gel (easy to insert)
WET tampon has a handy removal loop (easy to remove)
DRY tampon perfectly shaped to the anatomy of the female body
DRY tampon is suitable for the experienced user


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