Bathmate - Hercules Penis Pump (Brilliant Red)

Bathmate Hercules is the best selling penis pump that we have in our store. It is designed for men under 8 inches and under 5.5 inches in girth, hercules would fit average man.
Bathmate is most suitable for him who wants to achieve an increase of penis size in the safest, most comfortable, most effective, and most time saving manner.  
Bathmate uses a patented technology known as HydroPump to create partial vacuum using water as the medium. Bathmate has been the No.1  selling penis training and enlargement device in the world since its launch in UK,US and Europe.  
With bathmate, potential benefits includes:
2cm-5cm increase in length
30%-40% increase in girth
Harder erection
Stronger Orgasm
More powerful ejaculation
As with doing dumbells in gym, Bathmate ® is an advanced training device to tone your penis. Consequently, it would take commitment and time to allow your penis to grow. The sooner you begin the training, the sooner you get to see results.  

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