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Anna Mu

Annaberry - Charming Girl Beauty Beauty Back No Pad Rims Underwear Bra Set NA16040043 (Red)

This Annaberry matching set is perfect for those charming girls out there. This red 2 piece is a size medium, matching those with a 32" - 35" under bust and a 34" - 38" hip size. The bra is non-padded and underwired, with an adjustable strap and a 3 row, 2 hook design.

Contents: 2 pcs
Under Burst: 32"-35"
Size: M size
Material: 90% Polyamide+10%Spandex
Cup type: Non-Padded Underwired Bras
Strap: Unconvertible / Adjustable length
Back-close bra / 3 rows of 2 hook design
Rims: Soft rims
With matching panty
* Lay-Flat Measurement

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