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Anna Mu

Anna Mu - Soft Satin Racy Two Pieces Hollow Lace Bra Set NA12030163 (Purple)

If you’re looking for sexy lingerie that’s versatile enough to wear under everyday outfits but are perfect for sultry nights, this Anna Mu Soft Purple Satin Racy Two Piece Bra Set belongs in your collection. You’ll feel gorgeous wearing this, and your partner will relish in taking them off! This elegant satin halter-style bra and matching panty set features black lace cut outs in all the right places — both nipples and the front and rear of the undies leave little to the imagination while offering ample coverage!

Contents: 2 pieces
Under Burst: 32"-35"
Hip: 34"-38"
Size: M size
Material: 100% Polyester
With matching briefs
* Lay-Flat Measurement

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