Anna Mu - Purple Luster Japanese Doll Cosplay Kimono Costume Set NA14030047-2 (Purple)

Anna Mu

Wear this and take you and your lover back to a time when lovemaking was an art and a ceremony, with every move an act of devotion between a samurai and his beloved. Pillowing, as love was called in the land of the rising sun, was something that would bring you and your lover closer to the gods and each other.

Contents: 3 pieces
Under Burst: 32” -36”
Waist: 23” -29”
Hip: 32” -36”
Size: Free size
Material: 100% Polyster
Top length*: 78cm/Sleeve length*: 39cm
With matching thong
With matching bow belt
Features: Belt-style double-breasted design for the active
* Lay-Flat Measurement

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