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Anna Mu

Anna Mu - Intoxicated Racy Two Pieces Bra Set NA12030223 (Black)

Leave just enough to your partner's imagination with this decadent 2 piece set. Bra seductively cups the breasts accentuating your cleavage. Shoulder and back straps tie to create a bikini style look and feel. Easy to put on and just as easy to take off. Matching thong completes the look sure to tantalize. 100% polyester. Size medium. Fits under bust size 32"-35". Hip 34"-38".

Contents: 2 pieces
Under Burst: 32"-35"
Hip: 34"-38"
Size: M size
Material: 100% Polyester
With matching thong
Product Description: The shoulder strap and back strap design
* Lay-Flat Measurement

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