Anna Mu - Babydoll & Sleep Wear Mature Charm NA13030042 (White)

Anna Mu

When you want to attract your lover while showing a more "mature" side, this Annu Mu sleep wear item can't be beat. With a 100 percent polyster construction and adjustable shoulder straps, this sexy item is comfortable for women of all shapes and sizes to wear. Try it out with your lover and watch their smile grow wide and the bulge in their pants match it for sheer girth and enthusiasm!

Contents: 2 pieces
Under Burst: 32"-36"
Waist: 23"-29"
Hip: 32"-36"
Size: Free size
Adjustable shoulder straps
Material: 100% Polyster
Top length*: 36.5cm
Skirt length*: 29.5cm/Waist*: 26 cm(Elastic bands waist)
* Lay-Flat Measurement

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