Anna Mu - 7 Pieces Romantic Maid Outfit Cosplay Costume Set NA11030180 (Purple)

Anna Mu

Cleaning day can't come too often - and neither can you - if this is the maid coming to your door. This tantalizing purple 7-piece ensemble is trimmed in white lace and includes an adorable headband, matching thong, two lacy armbands and two alluring legbands with matching bows. Take them off one at a time to reveal all of your sexy maid's secret places, or leave some in place for a special time with this irresistible domestic. She'll fulfill all of your dirty fantasies.

Contents: 7 pieces
Under Burst: 32"-36"
Waist: 23"-29"
Hip: 32"-36"
Size: Free size
Material: 100% Polyster
Dress length*: 71.5cm
With matching head loop
With matching thong
With matching hand ring*2
With matching leg circle*2
* Lay-Flat Measurement

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