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Anna Mu

Anna Mu - 4 Pieces Bunny Girl Outfit Costume Set NA14030038 (Pink)

Bunnies reproduce like crazy. Here's a solid pink teddy construction with behind the neck strap ties and side hidden zipper design. Includes dual color (pink/white) rabbit ear headband with matching choker and tuxedo wrists. 61 cm 100% polyester dress length sized 32"-36" under bust, 23"-29" waist, and 32"-36" hip. Sexy cosplay outfit or for fun in the bedroom.

Contents: 4 pcs
Under Bust: 32"~36"
Waist: 23"~29"
Hip: 32"~36"
Size: Free size
Material: 100% Polyster
Dress length*: 61cm/Under Bust*: 36cm
With matching Double color rabbit ears headband
With matching choker
With matching wrists*2
Product Features: the side hidden zipper design
* Lay-Flat Measurement

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