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Brand: Aloe Cadabra

Aloe Cadabra - Organic Lubricant Flavoured / Natural

Type: Natural
Size: 71ml

Natural: Aloe Cadabra is an organic, natural lubricant made up of 95% organic aloe vera. This lubricant is pH balanced for a woman's body. It won't stain, and is completely toy friendly! Where other silicone-based lubricants can degrade silicone and jelly rubber toys, Aloe Cadabra is fine to use with any toy! Have fun with it! This lube helps eliminate painful intercourse caused by vaginal dryness, and there are never any parabens! It's safe to use; safe for your skin, and your partner's. For those of us trying to do our part for our environment, Aloe Cadabra is an eco-friendly option. Comes in 2.5 oz. bottle.

Banana Cream: Love bananas in your smoothies? Time to try Banana Cream lube. Feel comfortable about what's in your lube with the Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant Flavored. Made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients, you can be sure that there are no harsh chemicals to ruin the vibe. Always glycerin free! Try this premium lubricant. Each tube is packed over 95% full of organic aloe vera, and enriched with a special blend of natural ingredients for a smooth glide, silky feel, and unbelievably pleasurable sensation. With a silky smooth feel that will moisturize and refresh your skin after, you're sure to love this lube!

Cherry Lemonade: The tempting taste of sweet cherry lemonade. Slip and slide into unmatched pleasure with the Aloe Cadabra - Organic Lubricant Flavored 2.5 oz in cherry lemonade. This organic lubricant is a blend of natural ingredients and 95% aloe vera. You'll be aroused, hydrated, and refreshed by this lubricant as you use it alone or with a sex toy. Use it alone or add a lover. It's your call. Either way, your sensations will be enhanced and scintillated. Feel the difference of a luxurious lubricant that hydrates, invigorates, and refreshes - all naturally, with no harsh chemicals.

Naked Strawberry: Enjoy the delightful taste of sweet Strawberries. Lube up with confidence as you use the Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant Flavored. This all-natural lubricant is made of over 90% aloe vera, making for a pleasurable experience before and after sex. Luxuriate in the smooth glide it offers, then take advantage of its moisturizing effects. Feel the difference of a luxurious lubricant that hydrates, invigorates, and refreshes - all naturally, with no harsh chemicals. This lube is good for you and the environment!

Peppermint: Put a little Peppermint Tingle in your mingle with Aloe Cadabra's organic personal lubricant. The thrilling sensation will spark everywhere it touches, giving you new ways to caress ecstasy out of yourself or send a lover into shaking fits of pleasure. The soothing aloe vera underneath the peppermint is a natural moisturizer that has been enhanced to provide long-lasting lubricity and extra moisture and balance to be safe for your most sensitive body parts. Made with 95% organic aloe vera. It soothes while moisturizing.

Tahitian Vanilla: Lube up and have some great sexy fun with this Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant. Available in a Tahitian vanilla flavor, it is the only lubricant on the market that uses 95 percent-certified organic Aloe Vera. This nourishes the body and refreshes the skin while providing an intoxicating and unbeatable lubricant effect. Safe with condoms and pH balanced for the unique interior chemistry of the vagina.

Customer Reviews

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Great taste

The peppermint flavour has a good taste, not too sweet. Product also doesn’t contain glycerin and my partner didn’t get a UTI when I performed oral sex on her(she tends to be sensitive to UTIs) recommended!


Excellent product

Gentle but pricey

Doesn't irritate so that's good, but it dries up pretty fast. Bottle is also small for the price. Will be a good buy if it's cheaper.

Excellent product.

Now I can have fun without worrying about nasty chemicals. I highly recommend.


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