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Sexy and naughty

These clamps are so much fun and make me feel naughty. The quality is good also.


This was my first sex toy and I bought it cuz it was value for money and had 4! The vibrations are extremely strong and good,I haven’t had such a good climax. Started to sweat in 5 mins. Unfortunately it doesn’t connect to app and I’m not sure what’s the difference between this and the marvellous four. But 10/10 buy it’s so worth your money. Thank you for the ultra discreet and fast delivery. Will definitely buy more toys From CA

Great product and delivery

Very discreet packaging as they said. Worth it.


The taste and smells, the massage oil that you can lick. It's for all levels.

Perfect for all levels

Love the intensity

Not on mature skin

The rubber is not meant for mature skin. Especially those who already gave birth. Even with lubricant.

Not bad I guess

Item came fast and well packed. Great condition as well. Love the look of it. Works well. Wish the speed could be stronger. But it's alright.

Not worth it

Not stimulating at all and the suction speed is very slow. Hard to replace the flexible stroker after washing due to the notch which the vibrator has to fit through.


This is good . Helps to orgasm

So so

This is so so . Will not recommend


Fabulous…. 0 to done in about a minute 😆

Great automatic masturbator

My favourite and probably last automatic stroker I ever buy. This thing can move an entire fleshlight up and down, something the Autoblow doesn’t do (it sorts of moves a sleeve within itself). It also strokes so efficiently without any sort of hiccups. I bought this along with the FeelKenzie stroker and the Autumn Falls Fleshlight. A great thing about the FeelKenzie stroker is that its case can also fit Fleshlight sleeves, as it fits my Autumn Falls and Angela White fleshlight sleeves. Note that Fleshlight cases will NOT fit in the Keon; Fleshlight sleeves canl fit in the cases of masturbators will fit into the case (eg. My Autumn Falls Fleshlight sleeve in the FeelKenzie’s case)

My favourite feature of this stroker is the interactive Bluetooth; initially when I started using it I thought I was only limited to the interactive content provided by Feelxvideos. After doing some in-depth research, I have found a handful of communities dedicated to making scripts that match the action in other online porn, mainly funscripts. These funscripts are created by people, made to match specific videos. I have found funscripts for some SFM porn videos and now it feels like I am the one receiving the action. Another thing I have done Is implemented this mod called LoveMachine for koikatsu (hentai maker game) which matches the actions done by the girl in real time and syncs it up to my Keon. I have been so spoilt for all the content available that I am now unable to perform manual labor with my hands anymore.

One shortcoming of the Keon is that it cannot be used while it is charging, and there is no visible battery indicator during use, which can be problematic as it rarely, if ever, achieves its advertised 2 hours of battery life. It is therefore important to ensure it is sufficiently charged prior to whatever you are going to do with it, least it shuts down on you during use. (has happened to me once unfortunately)

Overall I really want to recommend this if you are looking for an automatic masturbator. Keep in mind that this listing does not come with a stroker, so buying it will only give you the machine.

Not used yet

Packaging and Device meets my expectations - shall come back for further infos - bugs

Super worth it!

Just the right size, not too long and not too short to have a good time. Texture is amazing and soft enough to not hurt but still firm enough to give sufficient stimulation. Will definitely recommend, especially considering the price point is so worth it.

Very fun to use. Remember to use lots of lube for this

Discreet & Fun

Can seamlessly blend in with the rest of your makeup bag for sure. A basic fix with different speed settings and also super simple to use/setup, but beware- it's considerably loud!

Gift for a Tinder Date

Got inspired by Rae Lil Black to get my date a sleeve. It was cold to the touch, but he got used to it really quickly. He really enjoyed it, and finished off quite swiftly. But we learnt soon that this model wasn’t reusable.. even after prying it out. Will be purchasing the reusable model soon!

Doesn’t dry up easily

I used a bit with my erocome for 30 mins and stays well lubed throughout , this is definitely a good lube for sensitive skin as well. No irritations.

Very satisfied customer

The length and thickness is just nice and actually there’s no need for the remote function. Using hands to control the movements is even satisfying !

Good Weight Great Feel

Size is pretty big. Longer sessions can get tiring. Texture is good and intensity is great for those who like multi shot sessions. End chamber womb is also a big plus. You can pound it or use your hands to ride it and it both feels great. Cleaning and drying can be a pain if you share a house since its not exactly stealthy.

very good

the lube is gentle and good! tried and tested, approved by my girlfriend who’s very sensitive to lube. the lube doesnt burn, doesnt dry up fast (if youre not facing the fan) and also easy clean up. i recommend buying it as its cheap and a good amount!

Amazing to use, Easy to clean

First toy from Tenga and it was amazing! The cleaning after was also super easy as it can be open for easier cleaning inside!

My new fav

Squirted in 5 mins.

excellent for this price

Perfect toy if you are buying for the first time.


Bought this on a whim. Tried it 3 times. I can’t say for sure whether it really works as there’s no major difference in the time-wise. So the jury’s still out on this one…