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Item soft and feeling good

Item well packed

Satisfyer exceeds expectations, as always

I trust Satisfyer and all their products, their warranty policy for their products is also exceptional, amazing customer service. I got this disinfectant spray to clean my Curvy 3+; the motors are sensitive to temperature and water, so this disinfectant spray was the perfect cleaner I needed. For 300ml, and it's faintly floral pink colour and fragrance, I'd say it's the best one out there and the best value for money. I spray it on my clitoral stimulator, menstrual cup, and anal douche, leave it for 5 mins, and gently rinse with water, and they are clean and smell as good as new.

Love it

Absolutely love the look of it, so classy and stylish. It is also definitely quiet as compared to other brand. Intensity is great too.


Warm only last awhile and there is a smell in it which I can’t take it

Great scent

The scent was very nice, smells like vanilla ice cream. The massage oil seems to be lacking in texture, I have to use a lot on my partner to get the gliding feeling when massaging.

A bit too runny

Pretty good at what it is advertised to do, but a bit too runny (more so than water, I feel) and makes things a bit messy

Good Massage oil

The oilment is really good. No fragrant at all. Best of oil need not to wash off and no greasy sensation the next day.

It's tight!

It's tight but his banana pops out on the other end. I guess that's another way to say about his big....


This is my first onahole and I gotta say the insides felt very good. It is very tight so you need to lube before using. Definitely worth the price! 5/5

Shots - Ouch Ball Gag with Leather Straps (Black)

My girl likes to ball gag coz it adds satisfaction and ahe really feels the physical restraint in her mouth. Worth a buy for this one!

Sex and Mischief - Silky Rope Kit

The rope is smooth and will not leave any red marks on the screen. Really enjoy using this to tie my girl.

It’s Awesome

This spreader bar is awesome, makes your partner not move and allow doing whatever you want 😊
We absolutly fell in love with the spreader, can't wait for more

No lube

Surprisingly does not come with any lube despite its price, had to pay for lube and another delivery fee that will come another day instead

Great little self-love machine

I think all in all, the device is quite good. Comfortable and extremely stimulating but if Tenga made a EV mode with heating, I think that would sell like hotcakes! Nonetheless, it is still a very good self-loving machine.


Best lube I've used!


Works great!

Fun times

It was very fun to play with my partner :)

Works as intended.

Requires some lubrication, but works well enough for the price, and isn't falling after some weeks which is great. As for stimulation, I can't speak much as this is the first one, but it's definitely better than a hand. Cleaning is quick and easy.

Arousal gel

It has a nice light taste, not too overwhelming and good for oral sex

Review of product

Delivery package was properly packed and delivered 👍🏼. For item wise, partner isn’t impressed. The suction was hard. Maybe person to person preference.

Just a lube

Bottle design and packaging comes in neat and clean. The lube itself is good even though do not feel any tingling..

Naomi Tang or Normal Tang

Totally waste of money! It’s like putting soap on the tool. Oh yeah and plus abit of mint. Tried twice, got smell, give a mild mint feeling, wash away for session and my tool went back to normal. Definitely not Nomi Tang. It’s Normal tang. Wasted my money.

Silky smooth lube

A little drippier than I would like but no complaints on effectiveness!