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the necessary tool

it is very small just the same as my compact vibrator. But it's powerful and very useful.

Satisfyer pro

Worth buying.
Can make me com without any pain or discomfort as many times I want.
Totally in love with this product.
Little bit noisy but good to buy.

This plug is huge

For the small holes out there, youll need to prepare. but my god this thing is amazing. buy plenty of lube

Perfect! Great fun and works well!

Decent size

The two massive nubs near the entrance is way too stimulating for me as i'm very sensitive. The uterus node at the end of the onahole feels amazing but because the internal part of the onahole is harder than fleshlight, it is overstimulating for me.

Aside from that, it is still a great onahole.

Great build quality and stimulation

The onahole is built really well and it is harder than the other onaholes i have used before. The weight and size of it definitely adds to the heft and it is more satisfying than the smaller and lighter onahole out there.
I would rate the internals of the onahole 4.5/5.0. It is of fairly high stimulation and intensity. In fact, it is too intense for me as the internals are quite hard and i'm quite sensitive. Harder than fleshlights. So people who are uncut, do take note of that fact. For a quick session, this is a great pickup. Otherwise, i would suggest getting the other softer/lower stimulation onahole.

Cleaning wise, it is somewhat easy but drying takes a while as there are those crevices inside which kind of traps water in there. So i'll give it 3.5/5.0 in terms of cleaning and drying part.

Fast orgasm if done right

If you are new to satisfyer, don't try it on the highest mode for both shaft and suction.

Of course I'd have to minus the rating because the suction part is very stiff. So I have to position it in a specific way.

Other than that all was great.


OMG! It’s 🎊👍🏻. Highly recommended.


Get it and use it for your fleshlight to last longer.

Quite decent if I were to say

As I only own this and a stamina unit I can't say this is the best , however it still feels pretty goddam good when using as the entrances as well as the bump can be felt . Do remember to get the powder in order to let it last longer. 😏 However the price is higher than other FL maybe you can tryout the destroya or the anal version first?

Tough to fit into the hole of the blow-up doll recommended in pics. Hole is too tight and torn easily.


Quite tough to fit an onahole into the hole. Skirt and panties good addition to the blow-up doll which is of a good size.

Oh my!

It's powerful and you'll get used to the strength. Definitely worth a buy. Can't wait to check out more toys

First timer

It was money well invested.

Soft and supple

Nice to use. Soft and supple.

Small yet powerful

Surprisingly strong for a battery operated vibe and relatively quiet. It’s quite small and innocuous-looking, which makes it easy to hide away when not in use. The vibe is also inexpensive but still fulfils its purpose brilliantly.

Great water-based lube

Got this recommendation from Reddit. Really thick and gooey consistency, great for anal play.

Pure bliss

There’s a bit of a learning curve but once you get it, wow! It took me my 3rd time to locate my prostate and then I was in pure bliss. My partner joined me later and having the wand in me really amplified all the pleasure I received from him. Not much of an exaggeration to say this toy is life-changing.

Alright but clumsy

Cordless, battery-less. Vibrations are strong in a gradual manner.

Can be too heated in a short time. Vibrations can be more nuanced, still. Too 'jagged' a pattern overall. Loud-ish.
Uncomfortable for insertion if you have a tight vagina. I only used it for the clit, and still, not the best sensation.

Best buy for the simple yet finicky sensualist

It's really well-designed, and the vibrations are not 'offensive' or too rigorous on the clit, skin or muscles. Doesn't overheat or 'burn' unnecessarily too, and the noise is minimal.

I daresay this beats almost all the expensives and non-expensive vibrators I have purchased prior.

A pleasant experience overall. Go Singapore!

Amazing Product

Amazing amazing and amazing ! Girl you gotta love this x


Didnt know what i was missing out until i tried this! Very powerful and lots of interesting modes to suit your preferences! Highly recommend!

Best fleshlight i’ve had by far

literally the best fleshlight i’ve had thus far, it’s soft especially upon first opening and with lube, woah it just performs so well! now idk much abt training your “stamina” with this specific model but hey it gets the job done!

The best lubricant I ever use!

Item delivered on time! The best lubricant I ever use! Strongly recommend!!