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Based on 1975 reviews

Hesitated to get it during the sale promotion but decided to purchase it as my old vibrator died and was looking for something more penetrating. No regrets, hits the right spot and the clit stimulator is a bonus. Never managed to climax more than once but this does the trick!

Pretty nice

I didn't realise it till now but it's been a year & it still feels good, some wear & tear is expected after multiple uses but still looks like new with good maintenance


Not too thick and doesn’t dry fast. It’s much better than those lubes that come with the toys in my experience.


Absorbs well and dries very quickly since it’s made of diatomite.

Gets the job done.. but..

Cleans pretty well but the powder doesn’t really dissolve completely and may remain inside your toy, which can cause discomfort on your next use.


Realistic and easy to use. Cleaning wasn’t difficult either. It’s heavy though.

A lot of different vibration modes

Product has a bit of a overwhelming feel. Vibrating effect is a bit too loud. Spoilt for choice as in a lot of vibration modes to choose. Has a range of uses for this and its all up to the imagination on how kinky it will be used. The base of the vibrator is a little too big for first time users to insert and it takes a bit of getting used to it. Overall, it does what its intended for.

Cool and Minty

3 stars for the effect. Minus 2 stars for the overall effect. Lubricant has a very cool and minty feeling which feels nice. My only grouse is the texture of the lubricant. Although it says it is a wet based lubricant. It comes out as a thick pasty like look and once applied, it tends to dries off to a sticky feel after a while which kinds of brings down the overall feel. Have used to the Wet brand lubricant before and that is literally wet based per se until its washed off. Therefore, i would personally give this a pass.


The missus say it is very strong and it is rechargeable, compact size for travelling also, highly recomended, like wat other reviewer say really strong

i love it

idk how i spoiled my first one but i immediately bought a second one! i love this so much, it’s essential!!

Perfect for beginners

Recently started exploring anal play and this is perfect for me. The 3 different sizes give good starting point. The material is soft.
Can easily walk around and sit while having this inside.

Over the cloud

Not your ordinary sex toy. The quality and the feeling you get is different level. you gotta try it to believe it.

small but packs a punch

glad to say i'm satisfyed... LOL surprisingly good battery life, used it a couple times without even having to charge it yet!

great product

good delivery and great product. My SO loves it. The app is a bit laggy though. Not ideal for long distance Partner mode, best for solo play.

7 wide boy

I changed my order to 7 wide boy and boy i'm happy with it. Able to see the +ve effect immediately. Also the package delivery is reasonably quick and discreet. Well done.

abit too loud, other than that it is very nice, strong vibrations!

Really nice water based lube

Tried other water based lubricants before and this is the best by far. Almost no smell, super easy to wash off. The feeling is also very smooth and lasts quite some time, best of all no tackiness

Great for all kinds of position

Bought this as my partners can be lazy when I personally like to change positions as I’m a visual person. What was interesting was using this on the edge and raising my girls lower body as they lay with their head over the edge of the bed. The raised lower body makes it so easy to for deep throat and playing with their pussies at the same time.

Not for curved dicks

The pump is fine and is easy to use. My dick is curved so it kinda touches the walls no matter how I position it so it gets uncomfortable. That or the girth can be wider. Because after pumping my partner does feel I’m thicker. Length wise may not be as obvious since it will take time to see results but girth can be felt when u have sex post pumping.

Feels interesting

The spiral is indeed interesting. It’s a little tight and the spiral does give a interesting sensation. I will say it’s better than a handjob but definitely not a vagina/deepthroat replacement. What I found great was using it for edge play with a doxy wand and some gentle tugs. Really really takes you to the edge due to the many inner patterns that gives a lot of sensation. The pattern sensation is kinda monotonous so it can get boring if used as a mastubator. Only con is the spiral makes it hard to turn inside out for cleaning and the outer surface can get tacky during use.

Great product

Like it. If only I knew about it earlier.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDDDDD! works better than men 😂
looks very sleek, very portable and small.


Something different of great quality

Loving it

If you are thinking whether to buy this or not, I’ll suggest just buy. Will not regret. My best purchase from cherry affairs :)