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Very good but Very Loud

Great toy but it is very very loud.

No more edging

Really orgasm in 3 minutes. Help me save water bills from now onwards. The biggest con is dont think of edging anymore cause orgasm is in minutes.

Slippery but smooth

So, this was my first time using lube, and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it would be goopy and slimy, but it's surprisingly, for lack of a better word, "clean". So it comes out as a clear paste which you spread over whatever it is you want to lube up, and it just coats it in this happy sheen of subtle slipperiness. A part of me went, is that it? But yes, it really does make things smoother, and honestly, it's practically unnoticeable, except now you can do all the slipping and sliding you want.

Bought it on discount, so pretty affordable (given that 50ml, or half the amount, usually went for the same price). I suspect this is gonna last me a while, but would be happy to be proven wrong on that count.

No pictures because honestly, it looks exactly like what's shown here, lube in a glass bottle.

Pendant with pleasure

This small beautiful elegant pendant. Is crazy good powerful vibrate you to heaven!
You will keep asking for more!

No regrets

Discreet packaging. And really provides the orgasm u need

Vagina inserts

Feeling is good. Need to take care to clean.Very fast shipping

Fits nicely

It is definitely well made, and the ball fits nicely, and doesn’t put a strain on your jaw. Product is simply amazing.

Good starter pump

Used the old version x30 for 2 years good girth gains and a bit of length gain. Upgraded to the new Hydroxtreme 7 Wide Boy, as i outgrew this pump.

Good starter ring

use only when semi flacid. snapped the ring when trying to put it on hard

Great Upgrade

Graduated from the old x30, was hitting the walls in girth and almost touching the valve.
This a great upgrade after a two years of using the old x30. Really getting the length and girth gains that i want, hopefully i can get Hydroxtreme 9in the future once i fill this tube :).

Piece of junk

Doing nothing to the penis. And very bad build quality. I threw it already.

Very nice. Thank you


do you have a smaller one
Great service

Super regretss

Like one of the reviwer here mentioned. It is fucking huge. Please check dimension before purchase. But what made me regret was the absolute disappointment, it is noisy and lack the strength to make it a good wand. I should have gone with the Denma or Fairy wand.

If you use it for neck message maybe it is good. For clit simulation it is fucking weak :'(

Fellow girlies, please check the dimensions. My GF and I both agreed on this. We think we are throwing away if no improvement. Cannot secretly piak piak tgt with this dumbshit.

Orgasmed 6 times on the first use

Made my girlfriend cum 6 times within 20 minutes the very first time using this. It was heavenly and the clit was extremely sensitive and became super huge, like I could suck on it. Nice quality and feel to the product, easy to wash. This is the real clit destroyer, nothing can beat this.

Its small..but just to let go of it its the hole was big for my 9" banana


I never regret buying this. It works exactly as described! Very good investment for us ladies


Its discrete, intense and a pretty companion. Gift to a friend and she is loving it

Small yet powerful

This item might be small but the vibration is powerful and intense! There are several modes for the vibration and it made my girl moaned non stop and reached orgasm almost less than 2 minutes!

Good Vibes

What can I say? Reasonbly priced, rechargable, decent size, and performs wonderfully. The missus was trembling in pleasure. Worth it.

I love this

So easy to use! First time getting a toy. And it feels… kinda amazing? Lol. Love the sleek design as well. Haha who needs a man :,)

Diameter of the thickness fallshort

Thickness of the dong is only 4.4cm instead of the 5.2cm as stated. Fallshort by 8mm which is alots. Feel cheated.


First time buying sex toy. If you want the penetration as well as vibrator. Definitely recommend this

like it

The quality of the material and functionality is good for the price. Super fast delivery.