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Better than a bf/husband

I’ve never experience an orgasm before, have been trying to research on different methods. But damnnnnn, this god-like sex toy here actually made me came for the first time in my life and it feels AMAZING.

Need to figure out how to put them on. Fits well and holds everything nicely

It took me a while to google how to put them on as it didn't come with instructions. Nevertheless, it fits well. I prefer elastic cock rings as it is easier to put on and remove.

Xact fit

Better than expect. Well fitted, flexible, but very firm. No regrets

Great Ring for advanced users

Good Set to train with

Great Ring for the price

better feeling than the Spur

Great Ring for the price

Not as Secure as the Spur but great ring overall

Addictive af

Was hesitating at first due to the price but this is super amazing, like what all the other reviews say, it’s definitely worth the money!!!

Sticky insides

I rinsed it once before using. During usage, I felt it was sticky so I used more lube than usual. After usage, I washed it and realised that inside felt sticky so I peeped inside and noticed the insides looks like its melting(?). So I flipped it inside out and noticed that the parts that are sticky looks melted and disfigured. Also, this product is very small..

Fibers and big packaging


Bought this out of curiosity how the rotating balls would feel, and it. felt. GREAT. If you find normal dildo’s a bit light (which was my problem initially) then this would be the perfect switch.

Slip n Slide

This was the first water based lube I’ve ever gotten, and I’m convinced I don’t have to even try others. Completely satisfied. I’m on my second bottle and have even gotten a third spare. It doesn’t have a smell, it’s not quick to dry, and you really don’t need to use a lot at a time either.

Seeing Stars

Was not expecting it to be so good (never been a vibe gal, have always just used dildos) the vibrations were powerful, and it’s pretty quiet too. My only complaint is that it wasn’t as long as I would have liked so there’s little area to hold onto while the toy is in. Also, the photos make it look like it’s black, but it’s more of a very dark shade of brown/chocolate, but it’s very pretty nonetheless

It is very easy to clean due to the design. The Black one is just a little on the hard side. I may try the White one as well.

Get destroy!

The name is what it is when you put it in. Get ready to pump every drop of your juice out from your balls!


It works as it should! Fast delivery happy with purchase

Good quality

Amazing, fits perfectly

It's too short to fulfill my wife urge

One of the best Magic Eyes OH

Looks good, great texture, nice details ... maybe not very durable though

Insertable dimensions: 3.4 cm x 10cm (does not include the rise / slope thing before the handle. It's handy to stop you from getting fluids over and into the crevasses of the buttons but I'd rather they made the shaft longer)
I find it too short and the shape of the tip a bit jabby (I tend to clench down during play), although not to the point of major annoyance. The motor is rumbly and strong (I tend to only use the lowest 3 power settings)
Pretty good as a body massager tbh.


Overall is a fun experience, recommend to get lubricant


Made a switch from the cup to a disc and I wished I've done it sooner! I started having piles after giving birth and wearing a cup keeps pushing the piles lower which makes it so uncomfortable to walk and sit. The disc however due to the shape and purpose (the placement of how it sits inside) solves the problem. No more discomfort of piles lowering or even rims pressing on bladder which makes it a little harder to pee at times when you wear a cup. It is also quicker and easier to insert with just a pinch in the middle rather then figuring out which fold suits you when using the cup. Love that his one comes with small silicone pouch which makes it easy to keep or carry about on standby.

Not for beginner

[THE PROS] Good for high cervix and heavy flow - Cup doesnt get too high to reach when removing. The material is also smoother and softer to fold which makes it really comfortable and easy to insert. Been a cup user (of various brands) for a while and I truly swear by it - good for those who usually have chunks and clots during period. I wore them for 4 -6 hours on heavy days and 6 - 12 hours on lighter days which makes it perfect for vacations and outdoor activities.

[THE CONS] Since the lily cup has a flat rim, comparing to the generic rounded rims of menstrual cup available, this design makes the suction really really tight. Breaking the suction is harder (you may need to slip in finger higher and press harder to break suction), which I won't recommend for beginners.


It was great until it wasn't. Give it about 6 months of constant usage and you'll notice the drop in motor performance. Still works, but just not as great as before. A little disappointing.

Very good but tough to clean

Many possibilities, very interesting, a little tough to clean the inside, inside will get quite messy.