Brand: Tenga

Tenga - Bobble Crazy Cubes Masturbator Soft Stroker (Blue)

Color: Blue
Find new sensations to drive yourself wild with the Tenga Bobble Crazy Cubes Masturbator Soft Stroker. This incredible sex toy contains cubes with varying hardness that flow through a gel-like sleeve, teasing and caressing you with new and unexpected patterns. Enjoy something new and explore the sensations your body can provide!

The new concept of Gorogorogel bounces, rolls, and collides! Highly elastic rugged gel runs around the inside of the hole made of soft gel, realizing acrobatic movement like never before.
Please enjoy the new pleasure created by the contrast of stimulation!

● Crazy Cubes
 Five edgy cubes bounce and rampage.
 The synergistic effect with the soft base gel gives a clear and distinctive new pleasure!

Body size
D58mm x W58mm x H140mm (including exterior) / D50mm x W50mm x H130mm (main unit only)

Body weight
230g (including exterior) / 150g (main unit only)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Easy to clean, really nice material

As someone that has used the Tenga Spinner, the Bobble really feels like an upgrade, the material seems to feel better, and doesn't feel as sticky after multiple washes, it's ability to fully turn inside out is great too, making it by far the easiest to thoroughly clean and dry

As for the feeling, it feels amazing, especially when you get used to manipulating the cubes, it almost feels like an actual tongue, and it unexpectedly works really well

It's great, honestly up there with the Spinner as one of the best in the market in terms of an easy to clean, and accessible to for both the experienced and the new

Samuel Kwek
Flexible "one size fits all" and ease of maintenance

Finding the Tenga is hard as size differs from person to person, but this product adapts and stretches easily. This allows it to cater for a wide range of sizes.

With the added flexibility, you can even invert it completely for washing and drying. Making it very easy to clean up.

Would definitely recommend it as a good product to start with. Especially if you're new to the Tenga lineup, and are unsure which is right for you.


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