Take your fantasies to the next level with the combined visual, audio, and clitoral stimulation of Vibease! Vibease is a soft silicone, waterproof wireless vibrator that connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. The Fantasy marketplace provides app control in real time with a wide selection of tantalizingly hot videos. Gentle and intense vibrations are timed with the seductive voices of your wildest fantasies to create a unique climatic experience — every time. Plus, the sleek and slim design of the Vibease allows you to slip the vibrator under your clothes for a hands-free experience.

Nominated for multiple sex toy awards, including XBIZ and Crunchies Awards for best luxury toy of the year, the Vibease is an indulgent must for the long distance relationship. The vibrator can be remote controlled by your transcontinental partner for the 21st century version of phone sex. Keep the intimacy alive using the power of wireless connectivity.

The Vibease is fully rechargeable and safe for intimate use. The vibrator can also be controlled manually if you've misplaced your smartphone (but trust us - it's worth taking the time to find it!). The Vibease is brought to you from Singapore and has been featured on Wired, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Elle, and Marie Claire. Plus, stay tuned for the imminent release.