Oils and creams are a great way to set the scene and to really set the mood when it comes to the erotic art and to making love. The Shunga line of lubricant, oil and candles are meant to help create an ultimate feeling of arousal so that you can really get in the mood. Shunga offers body oil in scents like Sweet Lotus and Serenity Monoi to help smooth the skin and that are a great part of any sensual massage.

They also offer some great candles like green tea scent and exotic fruits scent to help set the mood and to really make the room seem so much more sensual and ready for what lies ahead. They also offer lube, cream to help enhance female orgasm, cream to help create higher sensitivity for him, and even couples gel that works as a great lube for nearly any activity that you can imagine.

These are some wonderful products that are going to help you not only set the scene but also to help keep your mood up and to help you get the climax you want. Also to make sure that your partner is aroused and has a great time. These products are going to help you to keep feeling great and are perfect for those that just love exotic things and love sensual aromas.

For many people, sex without any props or oils of any kind is just not the best kind of sex. That is where Shunga comes in. This brand offers a selection of sex toys, arousal creams, oils, and much more to add to any collection and bring your sex life into high gear. Whether you want to start out slow with a new item or you are looking for a way to really make your escapades even more exciting, this is the selection you want to choose from. Take a look at the collection of Shunga items here and try a few.