Classic Erotica - Crazy Girl Flirty Body Mist 6 oz (Pink Cupcake)

Classic Erotica

Spray on Body Mist Pink Cupcake by Crazy Girl before meeting with a special someone to prepare yourself for a thrilling night of passion. Capture attention and create a spark of attraction, as this fragrance is made with pheromones. This sensual scent combines fresh berry, cotton candy and vanilla musk notes to create a long-lasting aroma that stays with you for hours.

- Paraben-Free
- Sugar-Free
- Sulfate-Free
- Made in USA
- No Animal Testing

Bait & Captivate Diva Style...Spray-On Sex Power!

Made with perfume alcohol base for lasting fragrance

Made with powerful antioxidant white teabenefits skin with day-long hydration plus adds a sexy softness
- White Tea Leaf Extract antioxidant/soothing/moisturizing/protects skin from free radicals

Sexy Fragrances to Express your Sensuality
- Be bewitching, captivating & simply irresistible!
- Refreshes skin with fragrance & sensuality
- A woman's secret alibi to bait & captivate when on the prowl or anytime
- Tantalizing mist provides the ultimate sexual temptation
- Designed for all skin types

Infused with Pheromones to Enhance Sex Appeal

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