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Have you ever wanted to take your pleasure to new heights with an incredible masturbator? Fortunately, the Fifi male toy masturbatoris perfect for men who want to experience ecstasy. These masturbators have disposable sleeves and are the perfect sex toy for the man who only needs a one-time-use type situation. You can expect Fifi masturbators to come with five sleeves that help deliver the same pleasure five times. You can go to town on the Fifi and won't have to worry about cleaning up any kind of mess from the sex toys!

Fortunately, Fifis do not require you to clean up anything as you can take out the sleeves whenever you are finished. You can change the tightness of this incredible toy to help provide you with better levels of pleasure. The design is incredibly discreet and you can take it with you without people questioning what it is inside of your luggage. Most people oftentimes mistake the Fifi for a pillow! Little do they know about the pleasure that it can give to a man whenever he uses it.

Fifi designs are 17.8cm and are made from ABS plastic and silicone materials. This means that it is safe to use on your skin and will not irritate it in any way!