Eva Lovia

Exotic and erotic are two words people use to describe Eva Lovia. The petite brunette is known for her girl-girl escapades and her uninhibited style. Surprisingly Eva admits that she initially felt shy during her first couple films. Fans love her striking good looks that she owes to her mix of Japanese and Spanish heritage. Eva is born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Birthday: May 29th, Zodiac: Gemini, Eye color: Brown, Height: 5'3", weight: 114 lbs, Bra Size: 32D.

Eva Lovia is California born and raised hailing from Los Angeles and is a Gemini. She is known for her girl on girl work and is also known for her unabashed and uninhibited style of performing. She is known as exotic because she is both part Asian or Japanese and Spanish which gives her a unique and sexy look. She enjoys performing and is one of the best known performers in the industry. She sparks interest and enjoyment no matter where she is and she captures the audience and keeps them entranced through the entire performance. If you love the exotic and you want a bit of it at home, the Eva Lovia toys are a great option.

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